• Proactive and flexible professional with wide-ranging experience gained in diverse and multi-faceted roles within the NHS.
  • Expertly reviewed and implemented changes to outpatient booking processes for Trust’s with the main aim of increasing and streamlining services and improving access for referrers and patients.
  • Worked with Trusts across London to assess the capacity and demand challenges affecting diagnostic services.
  • Successfully established weekly outpatient PTL meetings with services to encourage increased ownership and management of their Choose and Book services.
  • Effectively produced weekly report for services detailing demand trends to assist with capacity planning and ASI (Appointment Slot Issues) backlog clearance plans.
  • Established  a Recovery Action Plan to share with commissioners outlining plans to reduce ASIs, improve utilisation and future-proof the ongoing availability of services.
  • Recognised as a strong team builder with exceptional interpersonal, communication, time management, organisational and problem solving skills.

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