Hourly rate: £52.23
Start date: ASAP
Duration: 3 months initially
Location: London

  • Leading the development of the clinical network for Orthopaedics including agreeing a set of shared network objectives and a single network programme plan.
  • Overseeing the delivery of a comprehensive and cohesive programme of work that is consistent with the network strategic direction and shared objectives and the priorities, as well as national and regional policy.
  • Leading regular network and project meetings alongside the Network SRO and Clinical Lead. Ensuring agendas and papers are produced that are transparent and ensure the network work programme is progressed. 
  • Analysing and interpret key performance data and complex information relating to the network programme.
  • Identifying areas of variation between providers, prompting and agreeing remedial actions across the network. 
  • Developing and nurturing relationships across the network, forming a consensus across all providers on the approach to implement network objectives and driving change within provider teams. 
  • Engaging key senior stakeholders across the Trusts in the purpose and objectives of the network.
  • Preparing reports and other materials relevant to the network programme, including regular progress reports and presentations that raise awareness of the network, highlighting local challenges, successes, risks and issues. 
  • Working with the support of a dedicated Network Manager to ensure network actions are identified and followed up and that an updated risk and issues log is maintained. 
  • Developing effective communication and information flows between the providers.

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